Membership of the society allows us to put on fun and challenging shows throughout the year. The society exists to bring together local people and is designed to allow both expert growers and beginners to show off their gardening ability in friendly competition with each other fun environment to both compete for trophies and to exhibit their gardening, horticulture, culinary and creative skills. It is hoped that by entering the Show, gardeners will study their own plants and vegetables more closely and so learn to become more expert growers. A lot can also be learnt from studying the entries of other members at the shows and by taking tips and advice from the more experienced growers.


As a lively group of gardening enthusiasts, we are keen to interest others in the joy that gardening brings. We have three shows a year and although horticultural pursuits are our main aim, our shows also include flower arranging and domestic classes and as we are particularly keen to interest all generations we have a number of classes for children.


Membership is open to all and although most of our members live in the Bovingdon area we also have active members from further afield.


We hope that members will rise to the challenge and enter as many classes as possible in our shows. Let us fill the show tables with entries and fill the hall with colour and scent of the lovely surroundings within Bovingdon and district.


At £5 per year membership, everyone should join !

Reasons for Membership


Your membership allows us to finance the hire of Bovingdon Memorial Hall and so enable us to run the three shows we have each year. The society is run solely by volunteers for the benefit of the local population.


We also have additional events and outings throughout the year to promote the benefits of the society and local horticulture.


Members do not have to live within the parish boundaries and though we hope that you will join us, our shows are open to members and non-members alike, though entry is discounted to all our members on most of our events.

Your Benefits

Apart for the social aspect of the society and our three yearly competitions, we also run a plant fair where you can both buy and sell plants and vegetables.


We have special buy options through our Bulk Order package and special discounts on seed orders, plus specialist potato orders along with other offers during the year.


There are also membership benefits arranged with local suppliers for specific goods or services, these are normally claimed via our early membership card which is supplied when joining the society

Society Shows & Talks


The Society runs 3 shows a year, normally in April, July and September where we get together to have a light hearted (normally!) competition to see who can grow the best, biggest, heaviest of sometimes ugliest items. There are also classes for Cookery, handicrafts, photography and Art, along with additional classes for children.


Membership also includes a free copy of our entry schedule so you know what classes you can enter.

Discounted rate to our society talks for members

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