Bovingdon ~Summer Flower Show 1929

Exhibition of Roses, Sweet Peas and Carnations


Saturday, July 20th, bids fair to become a Red Letter day in the history of Bovingdon, for on that day the first pioneers of this movement were the members of the Bovingdon Horticultural Society, of which Cot. G. J. Middleton is the president, Mr. A. V. Parker the chairman, Mrs. Tweedie the hon. treasurer and Mrs. Banks the energetic and able hon. secretary. The society boasts a membership of approximately 50 and on Saturday, there were 160 entries. There could and should have been many more entries, but as an initial venture the show was quite a success and in quality the exhibits left little to be desired. On this point, however, the report of the judges speaks for itself, It was as follows: “The Bovingdon Horticultural Society is to be congratulated on its action as a pioneer in the promotion of summer shows for the display of our most popular flowers: roses, sweet peas and carnations. Quality is marked throughout the exhibition but it is hoped that in future years the quantity of exhibits will be greater. Roses, especially a fine display of ‘Madam Butterfly” are good. Sweet peas quit up to the average and carnations are splendid although few. A specially interesting class is the buttonholes made by children. A formal garden constructed by Lye Green nurseries is specially interesting’.


The Society was fortunate in having as judges two such well-known horticulturalists as Mr. F. W. Miles of Park street, near St. Albans, and Mr. E. Edwards, of Bargrove, Boxmoor, whose names were append to the report. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the show was the fact that it was held by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Tweedie, at Honours Mead, Chesham Road. The gardens and lawns were a source of considerable pleasure to the visitors and a more fitting setting for a summer flower show could scarcely be imagined. Among the other attractions was a demonstration of bee keeping by Mr. J. Herrod-Hempsall, bee keeping expert to the Herts. County Council. Among the various sideshows and other attractions were the following: darts, in charge of Mr. Eric Blundell and Mr. Kenneth Tweedie; bowling for a pig, Mr. T. Sims, Mr. L. and Mr. S. Sims, and the pig was kindly presented by Mr. W. J. Mash; penny on the square, Mr. H. Budd and Mr. A. G. Banks; guessing the weight of coal, Mr. F. Gurney, a big lump of coal having been kindly presented by Mr. W. C. Brice, bucket ball, Mr. H. Budd, guessing weight of cake, Miss Doris Sims; cake, kindly presented by Mr. H. Ryder; bran tub, Miss Freda Parker; refreshments, Mrs. A. V. Parker; sweets, Mrs. Smail; teas, Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. F. Gurney; Mr. T. Sims; bottle of peas, Miss Myers.


It should be mentioned that the prize of the dart competition was a leg of mutton presented by Mr. A. Rickett. Among other helpers were the gatemen, Messrs. H. Burgin, Mr. A. Burgin, T. Smail and H. Ravelin. The committee organising the show apart from the officials mentioned above were as follows: Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. F. Gurney, Mr. and Mrs. Smail, Mr. T. Sims, Mr. A. Burgin, Mrs. Parker, Mr. J. Blundell.