Bovingdon Summer Show - 1933



Entries Up To Standard


Plenty of Attractions


The exceptional dryness of the season was reflected in Bovingdon Horticultural Society’s Summer Show, held at Bovingdon House, by kind permission of Col. and Mrs. Middleton, on Saturday, in that the number of entries in certain classes were rather less than had been the case in more suitable and prolific seasons. On the other hand, however, the entries were well up to standard, and the interior of the marquee, in which they were arranged, revealed a pleasing display. It is estimated that there were over 200 exhibits, and the judges, Mr. D. W. Bedford, Mr. T. Avery, Mr. H. Dunning and Mr. W. Mash made a very favourable report. They stated that considering the season, the exhibits were well up to standard.

During the afternoon and evening a large number of people visited the show and thanks to the excellent organisation work by the committee, of which Col. Middleton is the president, Mr. H. Tansley Witt, the Chairman, Mrs. Crawley, vice-Chairman and Mrs. S. L. Mann and Mrs. Moss Blundell, the hon. secretary and assistant hon. secretary respectively, they found plenty of attractions. There were a variety of side shows, etc., and in the house there was a baby show, which attracted some 40 entries. Dr. Piggott, of Radlett, was the judge and the following were the prize winners:

6 months and under: 1. Kenneth Dell 2. Jean Welling.

6-12 months: 1. Kenneth Dell 2. Jean Welling.

12 months to 3 years: 1. Eva Dowse 2. Roland Tipping.


Mr. A. V. Parker had arranged an excellent programme of sports and these were watched by quite a large crowd. The events and prizewinner were:

50 yards (children under 5 years): 1. R. Brown 2. D. Freeman 3. J. Elkins.

80 yards flat (girls 5-8): 1. J. Harris 2. E. Wellington 3. B. Alexander

80 yards flat (boys 5-8)1. W. Joiner 2. N. Beason 3. D. Riddle.

100 yards (girls 9- 12) 1. B. Parish 2. B. Joiner 3, G. Simmons.

100 yards (boys 9- 12) 1. D. Bryant 2. F. Beaven 3. R. Marshall.

Ladies three-legged: I. Mrs. Alnott and Mrs. Austin 2. Mrs. Gurney and Mrs. Steele 3. Miss Hobbs and Mrs. Brookes

120 yards flat (boys 13 years +): 1. B. Dixon 2. P. Johnson 3. B. Harris.

Three-legged (girls 5-8): 1. J. Harris and B. Norval. 2. K. Wallington and E. Wallington.

120 yards (men, open): 1. J. Corr 2. K. Hamer 3. T. Moorcroft.

100 yards (girls, 9- 12): 1. 13. Burfoot 2. K. Wallington 3. W. Hardy.

Boy’s Jockey race (9- 12): 1. A. Marshall and A. Gibbs 2. D. Bryant and D. Simmons. 3. S. Harding and F. Beaven.

100 yards (men over 40 years): 1. K. Hamer 2. 13. V. Parker 3. F. Gurney.

Hoop race (girls, open): 1. E. Burfoot 2. C. Lowe 3. P. Hearn.

Ladies 100 yards 1. Mrs. Allnutt 2. Mrs. Austin 3. Mrs. Wood.

Boys 13-15, Slow Bicycle: 1. D. Beason 2. P. Johnson 3. B. Dixon.

There was also a novelty race for the members of the Chesham Silver Prize Band, who played selections during the afternoon and evening.

The sports officials were: Judges: Mr. A. Burgin, M. K. Hamer, Mr. F. Gurney; recorders: Mrs. Parker and Miss Parker.

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