Bovingdon Summer Flower Show - 1934



Bovingdon Horticultural Society, which is one of the few society’s in the district to continue with the holding of a summer show this year, found its efforts pleasingly rewarded on Wednesday afternoon. Following heavy rain on the day previous, show day dawned bright and clear and looked at from every angle, this delightful show of fruit, flowers and vegetables, etc., was an outstanding success. Entries numbered 412, which constituted a record for some years past and the large marquee, which had been erected in the grounds of Bovingdon House, kindly thrown open for the occasion by Col. and Mrs. G. J. Middleton, was the centre of attraction for a large number of people.


Despite the exceptionally dry season, the quality of the exhibits was amazingly high and in every class the judges had good reports to make. Miss Barnes and Mrs. Du Boreq, who judged the ladies classes, reported that “table decorations and jellies were exceptionally good” and in the horticultural classes, Messrs. Bedford, Avery and Mash reported that “sweet peas were extremely good and the whole quality of the show was much better than they expected. The only exhibits that fell below standard were the carrots”. Mr. Herrod Hempsall, who, in addition to judging the honey classes, gave an interesting demonstration, considered that the honey classes at the show were of a very fine quality, and the honey was nicely “got up”. The judges for the allotments were Mr. G. Reeve and Mr. J. Glenister and the gardens Mr. A. Glenister and Mr. Wilmore.


In addition to the show there were numerous sideshows and stalls which were in the charge of the following: Mrs. Strode, Mr. Reason, Mr. Davey, Mr. MacGregor, Mr. F. Reeve, Mr. K. G. Yarrow, Mr. Teasdale, Mr. R. Menheneott, Mrs. Austin. Teas were in the charge of Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Gurney, and Mrs. Saill and other helpers.

Prizes and trophies were presented by Mrs. Middleton, after the thanks of the Society to Col. and Mrs. Middleton for the use of their grounds had been expressed by the Chairman, Mr. Parker. At the conclusion of the distribution of prizes, Col. Middleton said that he was pleased that the show had been so immensely successful and attributed this in no small measure to the hard work of the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Turner and the Chairman, Mr. A. V. Parker.


The winners of the special prizes were: Dc Yarburgh Bateson Cup, Mrs. Crawley; Society’s Cup, Mr. G.M. Turner; Crawley Cup, Mr. E. Reed; Copse Hill Cup, Mrs. Freeman; Holland Cup, Mr F. Marriott; Merrett Cup, Mr. Riddle; Silver Medal for Best Exhibit, Mrs. Moore; Bronze Medal, Mr. Micklem, Certificate, Miss Procter. Katakilla Sprayer (given by Messrs. Cooper, McDougall and Robertson) and 10 rose bushes (given by Mr. Meredith of Potten End), Mr. Reed. Two other sets of roses (also given by Mr. Meredith) were won by Mr. Turner and Mrs. Harding.

In the evening a highly enjoyable dance held in the Memorial Hall, attended by many friends from outlying parts. The M.C., Mr. Arthur Burgin, is to be congratulated on arranging such a pleasant finish to the show day.


Refreshments were ably handled by Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Gurney, Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Saul, and music was provided by the Carlton Band.

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