Big Increase of Entries and Fine Quality At Annual Horticultural Show


It was characteristic of the people of Bovingdon and also generally true of keen horticulturalists to say that they have a glorious habit of rising to the occasion.

Considering the dryness of the season and aware of the paucity of really good produce in the gardens we may be forgiven a rather pessimistic anticipation of what there would be to see at the annual summer show of the Bovingdon Horticultural Society, held on Saturday in the grounds of Bovingdon House, by kind permission of the President, Lt.-Colonel G. J. Middleton and Mrs. Middleton.

It was a very pleasant surprise to find that Bovingdon was doing itself proud in the horticultural world. Entries totalling nearly 500 were nearly double those of last year and established a record for the last five of six years. The quality, too, was remarkably good and gave Mr. D. W. Bedford of Potten End, and Mr. T. Avery, of Gaddesden, no easy task. They carried out their onerous duties to the satisfaction of all and in their report mentioned that sweet peas and roses were an outstanding feature of the show and were as good as they had seen for many years. There had been keen competition in the pot plant classes and the vegetables were up to standard considering the season.

There were two magnificent trade displays of roses, one by Messrs. A. J. Meredith of Potten End and the other by Messrs. Lane’s Nurseries, of Berkhamsted. The judges awarded a silver and gilt R.H.S. certificate to the former and a silver R. H. S. certificate to the latter.

Because of the big increase in the number of entries a marquee of larger proportions than usual was needed and the table decorations were staged in a separate tent.

Apart from the purely horticultural exhibits interest was added by the special classes for ladies and for the school children. In the latter, there were very excellent specimens of handwriting by the juniors and of pastel work, needlework and of cakes made by the girls at school. There was also a cake-making class for the ladies, together with those for jam, marmalade and salad, etc.



Miss E. Middleton was a worthy winner among keen competitors of the table decoration and she thus holds for the year the “Orto” Cup, presented by Mrs. Sharpe.

Other cups were won by: Mr. K. G. Yarrow, the Challenge Cup presented by Mr. Herbert Parkes for the best six vases of sweet peas in the show. Li-Colonel G. J. Middleton, the Challenge Cup presented by Mrs. de Yarburg Bateson for winner of the highest number of points in Section “A”. Mr. F. Hill, the Challenge Cup presented by the Society for the winner of the highest number of points in Section “B”. Mr. F. Marriott, the Challenge Cup presented by Mrs. Yarrow for the best collection of vegetables in Section “C”. Mr. W. F!. Hodgson, the Challenge Cup presented by the late Mrs. Crawley to the winner of the highest number of points in Section “C”. Mr. W. Hipgrave, the Copse Hill Challenge Cup for the best kept front garden. Mr. F. Bradley, the Holland Challenge Cup for the best kept back garden. Mr. H. E. Ebben, the R.H.S. Banksian Medal.



The spacious grounds of Bovingdon House proved an ideal spot for the show to which were added the attraction of many and varied sideshows. Especially delightful were the teas that were served on the lawn by Mrs. Middleton and her helpers and among the attractions in the grounds was the well-patronised Tombola, organised by Mr. and Mrs. H. Parkes.

Other activities were: Bowling for a pig (Mr. G. Banks and Mr. J. Gurney); Ske board (Mr. R. Menheneott and Mr. F. Davey); Areoplanes (Mr. H. Banks and Miss Fassnidge); Cocoanuts (Mr. A. H. Burgin and Mrs. Burgin); Hoop-la (Miss Simmonds and Mr. L. Burgin); Darts (Mr. Gerald Banks); Teas etc., Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Simmonds and Miss J. Osborne.



During the afternoon a display was given by the Sylvian School of Dancing (principal, Miss Sylvia Lawrence) and was greatly enjoyed by the goodly number of onlookers.

Smith’s Radio, Kings Langley, were responsible for the Public Service equipment by which music was discoursed throughout the event.

The show had been very admirably organised and was a cause for congratulations to Mrs. M. Aronson of “Longdeans”, the able Hon. Secretary. She was assisted by Mr. J. H. Brown (Chairman), Mr. A. H. Burgin (Vice-chairman), Mr. T. Reid (Hon. Treasurer). The following were members of the Committee: Messrs. H. Parkes, K. G. Yarrow, F. Dell, F. Hill, G. Wilimore, G. Hodgson, C. Damant, E. Reed, Mrs. Banks and Mrs. Simmons.

Lt.-Col. G. .J. Middleton presented the cups and congratulated the Society on the success of the show.

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