Horticultural Show 1939



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About four hundred entries were received for the annual summer show of the Bovingdon Horticultural Society, held in the grounds of Bovingdon House on Saturday by kind permission of Lt.-Colonel G. J. Middleton. This figure compares favourably with the support accorded the show in previous years.



In the opinion of the judges, the exhibits were well up to the average in quality. They made special mention of the sweet peas and roses, which, they said, would compare very favourably with any other show in the district. Although, in the vegetable classes, there were fewer entries than might have been expected, the exhibits here were also well up to standard, as were those in the fruit section.



The judges awarded a silver gilt medal to Lanes Nurseries for their trade show of roses, a silver medal to H. Simmonds and Son (Chipperfield) and bronze medals to Bathurst’s Nurseries of Chipperfield and R. Murrell. All these medals were provided by the Royal Horticultural Society.



A challenge cup presented by Mr. Herbert Parkes for the best exhibit of six vases of sweet peas, was won by Mr. A. Edmonstone, a cup presented by Mrs. De Yarburgh Bateson for the competitor with most points in the open section went to Mr. H. Brassert. An R. H. S. medal being awarded Lt.-Colonel Middleton, and the Society’s cup for the members’ section was won by Mr. D. Bryant. Mr. F. Marriott was the winner of a cup, given by Mrs. Yarrow, for the highest number of points in the cottagers’ classes, and he also won the cup for this section given by the late Mrs. Crawley. Mr. J. Marriott was the winner of the Copse Hill challenge cup for the best front garden and Mr. F. A. Hill was awarded the Holland Cup for the best back garden. The “Orto” cup presented by Mrs. Sharpe for table decorations was won outright by Miss Middleton.

The judges for the show were Mr. L. Avery, gardener at Gaddesden Place, and Mr. D. W. Bedford, gardener to Dr. Cooper, of Bullbeggars. The ladies section was judged by Mrs. Norman Kelly and Mrs. Bayes.

In the evening the cups and other prizes were distributed by Mrs. Middleton.

Teas at the house were supervised by Mrs. Middleton, and refreshments in the grounds were in charge of Mrs. Brooks and helpers. Those responsible for sideshows were: Mrs. H. E. Parkes and helpers (tombola), Mr. F. H. Carter and Mr. J. Hampton (bowling for pig), Mrs. Bunting and Miss Nora Bartlett (tangled clothes), Miss Aronson and Mr. Phillips (hoop-Ia), Miss Swan (bran tub), Mr. R. Broome and Mr. S. Totulin (cocoanuts), Mr. Scott Hay and Mr. T. Durrant (darts), Mr. Menheneott (bottle fishing), Mrs. Simmons (covering the form), Miss B. Spooner (coal guessing) Mr. H. J. Reading (spinning jenny).

In the marquee was a stall on which were entries made by members of the Womens Institute, and these were sold to benefit both the Institute and the Bovingdon Horticultural Society.

Officials for the show were as follows:

President, 11.-Colonel G. J. Middleton; Chairman, Mr. W. E. Brooks; Hon Secretary, Mrs. M. Aronson; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. T. Reid; Committee, Messrs. H. Parkes, K. Yarrow, F. Hill, C. Norwood, J. Bird, D. MacDonald, E. Fenwick, E. Bierton, G. Reeves, and W. Isbister.

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