Summer Show 2014 - Secretary's report

June 27, 2014

Summer Show – Secretary’s Report



Venue:       Memorial Hall, High Street, Bovingdon


Date:          Saturday, 28th June 2014.



  • Introduction


The wet winter and spring may have seemed miserable at the time but together with our lovely summer it brought forth fruit, vegetables and flowers in abundance.   This year we had 73 exhibiters entering nearly 250 exhibits.  Of the exhibiters 40 were children ranging from Connie Smith at 19 months to Polly O’Donnell at 11 years old.  Altogether the children entered nearly 50 exhibits.


For the second year we were joined by the pupils of Bovingdon Academy which was a special thrill.  As last year they were competing for the Springfield Cup and this year it was awarded to Sophie Lynch for the most meritorious exhibit being a painting of her house.  Once again, their entries were of a high standard and this time included an entry of broad beans with the honours taken by Annabelle Jarvis.  As last year we were so pleased to see most of the children and their families at the prize giving. 


Whilst the number of exhibitors was down the number of exhibits was well up on last year and despite losing the expert sweet pea growers to the national sweet pea show we had plenty of exhibitors contributing to the beautiful aroma in the hall.  This was augmented by an impressive showing of roses this year.


We were also most fortunate to receive a large number of entries of quilted and patchwork handicrafts.  The colours were stunning.


The Winners


The Banksian Medal was awarded to Mike Leon for his all-round performance for vegetables, fruit and flowers, amassing the most prize money in these Sections.  Carole Duke retained the Bovingdon Horticultural Society Cup once again.  Mike Leon won the National Vegetable Society Medal for his collection of vegetables.   Rod Pengelly, a newcomer won the Mollie Aronson Cup for his roses.  The coveted Darley Ash Sweet Pea Cup was won by Doug Leslie.  Glenys Welstead retained the Doubleday Cup for Floral Arts.   Vivien Gabriel secured the Crawley Cup for preserves and cooking for the first time.  Ron Smith retained the Douglas King Cup for photography and Polly O’Donnell aged 11, won the Small Challenge Cup scoring the most number of points in the Children’s Section.  Sophie Lynch won the Springfield Cup which was awarded for the most meritorious exhibit by a pupil from the Bovingdon Primary Academy.


John Walker




A full list of prize winners is as follows:


Summer Show Cup Winners - 2014


The Banksian Medal - Mike Leon for most prize money in Sections I, II & III


Bovingdon Horticultural Society Cup - Carole Duke for the most points in Sections I & II


National Vegetable Society Medal - Mike Leon for the most meritorious exhibit in Section I


Mollie Aronson Cup - Rod Pengelly for the most points for rose exhibits in Section III


Darley Ash Sweet Pea Cup - Doug Leslie for the most points for sweet pea exhibits in Section III


Doubleday Cup - Glenys Welstead for the most points in Section IV


Crawley Cup - Vivien Gabriel for the most points in Section V


The Small Challenge Cup - Polly O'Donnell for the child gaining most points in Section VI


Douglas King Cup - Ron Smith for the most meritorious photograph in Section VII


Langley Leisure Cup - Jane Morgan for the most meritorious exhibit in Section VIII


Springfield Cup - Sophie Lynch for the most meritorious exhibit

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