Summer Show 2015 - Report

July 11, 2015


As an administrative exercise, the show was a great success.  Stephen Rickard won the Crawley Cup for his cookery which is the first time a man has won the cup in my knowledge. (Later discovered not the first, but certainly the first for quite some time !)   The hot dry weather took a toll on the entries although the fruit was particularly strong.  It was good to see John North entering his sweet peas.  Angie Page won the Floral Art cup for the first time which delighted her.  Carole Duke has become a serious competitor & swept the board with the high standard of her exhibits.


The Bovingdon Primary Academy through their cookery & gardening clubs supported the show with 47 entries.


The Pottery Club put on a display of their fine work.  Our thanks go to the enthusiasm of Glenys & the pottery teacher for all their work in getting the entries & exhibits into the hall.


Mike Leon

Show secretary                       



Vegetables                              1st                       2nd                             3rd      

Collection of  Saladings          Doug Leslie               May Parker               Mike Leon

Collection of  Vegetables          Doug Leslie              Mike Leon

5 Potatoes                            May Parker                Carole Duke             Mike Leon

6 pods of peas                       Carole Duke              Mike Leon

3 carrots                               May Parker                                          Kaz Bonnay

2 cabbages                            Carole Duke

6 pods broad beans                 Carole Duke            Mike Leon               

3 sticks rhubarb                     Jane Morgan           Carole Duke             Mike Leon

2 lettuce                               May Parker              Sam & Hannah         Mike Leon

1 cucumber                           Carole Duke             Mike Leon

3 beetroots                            May Parker              Kaj Bonney              Mike Leon

Culinary green herbs               Stephen Rickard      Mavis Lawrence        Mike Leon

Any other vegetable                Carole Duke             Jane Morgan            Sue Miller



10 gooseberries                       Carole Duke           Mike Leon               Mavis Lawrence

10 black currents                     Carole Duke           Mike Leon              

10 red currants                        Carole Duke           Ron Smith               Mike Leon

10 raspberries                         Stephen Rickard   Jane Morgan           Mavis Lawrence

10 strawberries                       Stephen Rickard

Any other fruit                        Ron Smith            Carole Duke           Mike Leon



Specimen rose                        Mavis Lawrence     Stephen Rickard   

3 sprays cluster roses               Mike Leon            Stephen Rickard

Trees//shrubs in bloom            Mavis Lawrence

Vase bulbs,corms,rhizones        Mavis Lawrence

6 delphinums flowers                 Carole Duke

3 stems alliums                      Sue Miller

Herbaceous perennials            Doug Leslie                Mavis Lawrence

Sweet peas 5 sprays                Alec Parker                John North           Doug Leslie

2 vases sweet peas                  John North                 Doug Leslie          Alec Parker

3 vases sweet peas                  John North                 Doug Leslie

Bowl of sweet peas                    Carole Duke                Doug Leslie             Mike Leon

6 pansies                              Mavis Lawrence

7 pinks/carnations                  Stephen Rickard      John Walker       Mavis Lawrence

5 sweet williams                     Carole Duke            Mavis Lawrence

Bowl of mixed flowers                Mavis Lawrence

6 fuchsia blooms one variety      Ron Smith                Stephen Rickard

6 fuchsia blooms any variety      Ron Smith                Stephen Rickard

1 cactus                                 Mavis Lawrence

1 succulent                             Carole Duke             Stephen Rickard   Mavis Lawrence

1 pot foliage                            Mavis Lawrence        Stephen Rickard

1 pot flowering                            Mavis Lawrence        Stephen Rickard      Jan Empson

1 Fuchsia                                Alec Parker


Floral Art

Rugby World Cup                         Angie Page                Glenys Welstead

Salvation Army                             Angie Page                Glenys Welstead

Daisy Daisy                                    Glenys Welstead        Mavis Lawrence          Angie Page



Jar of marmalade                     Sue Miller                      John Walker               Jennifer West

Jar of pickles                           Stephen Rickard

Jarof strawberry jam                   Stephen Rickard             Jane Morgan

Loaf of bread                                Stephen Rickard             Mike Leon

Smoked salmon mousse              Shirley Masterson

Apple tart                                Jennifer West               Shirley Masterson

Swiss roll                                Jan Empson                     Jane Morgan

5 ginger biscuits                      Shirley Masterson             Stephen Rickard      Jennifer West

Madeira cake                           Shirley Masterson              Angie Page             Stephen Rickard


Bovingdon Primary Academy

5 fruit muffins                         Emma Dinita               Reilly Cannon             Molly Reilly

Leaf print pattern                    Charlotte Goodwin         Ishika Gajjar              Phoebe Davis

Bulb of garlic                          Thomas Sayers               James Humphries      Hannah Moody



Pub signs                                Carole Duke                Mavis Lawrence     Ron Smith

Tall & thin                               Ron Smith                    Mavis Lawrence    Carole Duke

Frost                                      Carole Duke                Mavis Lawrence     Ron Smith

Buds                                      Stephen Richard          Carole Duke          Ron Smith



A quilt                                     Edna Sansom           Maureen Edwards  Jane Morgan

A fabric                                   Jane Morgan            Frances Howard      Rose Sillwood

A patchwork                           Rose Sillwood          Anne Taverner        Sandra King


Cup Winners

Bovingdon Horticultural Society Cup                        Carole Duke

R.H.S. Vegetable Medal                                                 Carole Duke

Banksian Medal                                                             Carole Duke

Mollie Aronson Cup                                                       Stephen Rickard

Douglas King Cup                                                           Carole Duke   

Darley Ash Cup                                                              John North

Doubleday Cup                                                              Angie Page

Crawley Cup                                                                  Stephen Rickard

Langley Leisure Cup                                                      Jane Morgan


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