Summer Show Report 2016

July 10, 2016






Summer Show – Secretary’s Report



Venue:       Memorial Hall, High Street, Bovingdon


Date:          Saturday, 9th July 2016.


1.  Entries

This year we had 35 adult entrants plus 38 children from Bovingdon Academy providing a total of 200 entries which was well up on last year. 


Despite the poor summer to date vegetable fruit and plant entries were excellent with a welcome return of the sweet pea filling the hall with their wonderful colours and aroma.   The Floral Arts Section was down on last year but the quilts section had 30 entries with quilts and patchworks of such a high standard.  It was nice to see the quilt makers participating and winning in the vegetable and plant sections as well.  The children contributed again with 39 entries encompassing vegetables and crafts.  The children also participated in the Vegetable Section winning first place for their peas.


The children now have their own garden called Springfields and it augers well for the future that they join us so enthusiastically.


2.  The Winners

The Banksian Medal for the exhibiter winning the most prize money for the Vegetable, Fruit and Plant Sections combined was Stephen Rickard.  The exhibiter with the most points for Vegetables and Plants was Carole Duke who retained The Bovingdon Horticultural Society Cup the but The National Vegetable Society Medal for the most meritorious vegetable entry was won by May Parker for her collection of salad-ings.   Stephen Rickard was undoubtedly the all-round star of the Show for he went on to win the Mollie Aronson Cup for his roses and the Douglas King Cup for the most meritorious photograph.  He was narrowly pipped on countback for the Crawley Cup for cookery that was won by Shirley Masterson.  Mavis Lawrence won the Doubleday Cup for her Floral Art exhibits and Peter Hurren won the coveted Darley Ash Sweet Pea Cup with a wonderful array of sweet peas.  The Langley Leisure Services Cup was won by Rosemary Fopp for her quilt.  Finally, the Springfield Cup was won by young Kian Mason for his plate of food made from recycled materials.


A full list of prize winners is attached.


John Walker

Show Secretary


Summer Show Cup Winners - 2016                                            Winner

The Banksian Medal                                                              Stephen Rickard

for most prize money in Sections I, II & III


Bovingdon Horticultural Society Cup                              Carole Duke

for the most points in Sections I & II


National Vegetable Society Medal                                   May Parker

for the most meritorious exhibit in Section I


Mollie Aronson Cup                                                              Stephen Rickard

for the most points for rose exhibits in Section III


Darley Ash Sweet Pea Cup                                                Peter Hurren

for the most points for sweet pea exhibits in Section III


Doubleday Cup                                                                     Mavis Lawrence

for the most points in Section IV


Crawley Cup                                                                          Shirley Masterson

for the most points in Section V


The Springfield Cup                                                            Polly O'Donnell

For the most meritorious exhibit of a child from


Bovingdon Academy

Douglas King Cup                                                                Stephen Rickard

for the most meritorious photograph in Section VII


Langley Leisure Cup                                                            Rosemary Fopp

for the most meritorious exhibit in Section VIII



No.Description                                                                    1st prize                          2nd prize                     3rd prize

 Section I - Vegetables   

1 A collection of salad vegetable                                    May Parker                     Mike Leon 

2 A collection of vegetables                                             Mike Leon  

3 5 potatoes, one variety                                                   May Parker                     Carole Duke              Mike Leon

4 6 pods of peas, one variety                                           Bovingdon Primary      Stephen Rickard      Carole Duke

5 3 carrots trimmed                                                           May Parker  

6 2 cabbages                                                                        Carole Duke  

7 6 pods of broad beans                                                   John Walker                     Mike Leon                 John Hislam

8 3 sticks of rhubarb, trimmed                                      Shirley Masterson          John Hislam             Ron Smith

9 2 lettuce                                                                            May Parker                       Carole Duke 

10 1 Cucumber                                                                    Carole Duke                    John Hislam 

11 3 beetroots                                                                     May Parker                       Mike Leon 

12 Culinary green herbs, at least 3 varieties             Sue Baxter                        Mike Leon                 S Rickard

13 Any other unscheduled  vegetable                          John Hislam                    Jill Mayo                     John Walker


 Section  II - Fruit   

14 10 gooseberries with stalks attached                  Jane Morgan                     Jill Mayo                     Mike Leon

15 10 sprays of blackcurrants                                       Carole Duke                      Mike Leon

16 10 Sprays of red currants                                          Carole Duke                    Jane Morgan              Mike Leon

17 10 Raspberries with stalks attached                     John Walker                    Stephen Rickard       Ron Smith

18 10 Strawberries with stalks attached                   Ron Smith                        Mike Leon                    S Rickard

19 Any other ripe fruit                                                     Carole Duke                    Mike Leon 


 Section III - Flowers   

20 3 H T Roses, one variety                                          Jill Mayo

22 A bowl of Roses, inclfoliage and arranged        Romayne Perleoni             John Walker               Jill Mayo

23 A specimen Rose                                                       Stephen Rickard                John Walker               Mike Leon

24 3 sprays of Cluster Roses, any  varieties            Stephen Rickard                Jill Mayo                     John Walker

26 Trees and/or Shrubs in bloom  3 kinds, 3 sprays  of each    Mavis Lawrence  

27 A vase of bulbs, corms, or rhizomes, 3 stems    Mavis Lawrence  

29 6 Delphinium flowers in box or pan                     Carole Duke                       Mike Leon 

31A vase, 3 stems, one variety, Alliums                     Stephen Rickard  

32 A vase of Herbaceous Perennials, not bulbs, corms or rhizomes, 3 varieties, 3 stems  

                                                                                               Maureen Edwards           Mavis Lawrence        Vivien Smith

33 A vase of Sweet Peas, 5 sprays, any varieties     Peter Hurren                    John North                 Mike Leon

34 2 vases, 7 sprays per vase, 2 distinct varieties  Peter Hurren                     John North                  Mike Leon

35 3 vases, 7 sprays per vase, 3 distinct varieties  Peter Hurren                     John North 

36 A bowl of mixed Sweet Peas with own foliage  Carole Duke                       Peter Hurren              John North

37 6 Panzies or viloas in a box                                     Sue Baxter  

38 7 Pinks or Carnations                                               Stephen Rickard              John Walker 

39 5 Sweet Williams with stems                                Carole Duke  

40 A bowl of mixed flowers with foliage grown in open   Sue Baxter 

41 6 Fuchia blooms, one variety in a box                Mike Leon                           Ron Smith 

42 6 Fuchia blooms, any variety in a box                Ron Smith                           Romayne Perleoni 

43 1 pot grown Cactus                                                 John Hislam  

44 1 pot grown Succulent, other than cactus       Stephen Rickard               Mavis Lawrence            May Parker

45 1 pot grown plant, foliage                                    Carole Duke                        Sue Baxter              Mavis Lawrence

46 1 pot grown plant, flowering                                 Ron Smith               Stephen Rickard         Romayne Perleoni

47 1 Fuchia, pot grown                                              Romayne Perleoni  



 Section IV - Floral Art   

51 "Beatrice Potter's 150th Anniversary" An arrangement                Mavis Lawrence  

52 "1966 World Cup remembered" An exhibit                                        Mavis Lawrence  

53 "Lavender's Blue" A small arrangement in a wine glass               Sue Baxter             Mavis Lawrence 


 Section V - Preserves and Cooking   

60 A jar of 3 fruit marmalade                                Jennifer West                Shirley Masterson 

61 A jar of any pickle                                                Sue Baxter                     Mike Leon                      Stephen Rickard

62 A jar of raspberry jam                                        Jane Morgan  

63 500g or 1lb loaf of bread                                   Stephen Rickard  

64 A chicken liver pate                                            Shirley Masterson       Stephen Rickard 

65 A custard tart                                                       Shirley Masterson       Stephen Rickard 

66 5 sausage rolls                                                     Shirley Masterson       Jennifer West                Stephen Rickard

67 5 chocolate chip cookies                                  Stephen Rickard  

68 A honey cake                                                        Mike Leon                      Shirley Masterson       Jane Morgan


 Section VI - Bovingdon Academy   

71A A plate of food made from recycled materials       Kian Mason           Isobel Bird             George Havercroft

72A 3 pods of broad beans                                            Amber Davy-Kite  Scott Mitchell Gears      Thomas Sayers

73A A bulb of garlic                                                        Amber Davy-Kite   Sam Chamberlain-Scott Mitchell Gears


 Section VII - Photographs   

75 "Entrances" a collection of four photographs           Ron Smith                  Mavis Lawrence            Carole Duke

76 "The Downs"                                                                      Ron Smith                  Mavis Lawrence            Carole Duke

77 "Reflections"                                                                 Stephen Rickard           Carole Duke                 Jane Morgan

78 "Wild flowers in Bovingdon Brickfields"               Mavis Lawrence           Ron Smith                      Carole Duke


 Section VIII - Quilts and Patchwork Handicrafts   

80A quilt; double single or lap size                              Rosemary Fopp             Joy Wright                    Karen Logan

81A fabric wall hanging or picture                               Sandra King                   Pauline Mourett         Sue Tasker

82A patchwork or quilted item not included in the above

                                                                                               Fernanda Kannani         Jean Machin                Karen Logan



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