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Hello Members,

This years Bulk Order is a major departure from previous years formats. We are embracing the environmental changes in the gardening world and going away from the peat-based composts of yesteryear and, as requested by many members, on to more acceptable Peat free alternatives.

If you are still unsure of these products, there is a very interesting review of Melcourt's Sylvagrow range on this youtube link: 

As a result of this we have to change our supplier and with that, the way we are able to offer the bulk order to you, our members.

With a purchase direct from the well-respected Melcourt Industries, we can only order complete pallets of any one product, in other words depending on weight, this normally means between 60 and 75 bags per pallet and the minimum order is 6 pallets. So, the knock-on effect is that if we cannot make a full pallet or pallets, then we will not be able to place an order for that item, as we will either have more bags than we can use/sell or not enough to be able to fulfil everyone’s order.

So, in the spirit of the words ‘Bulk Order’ we propose to make a change to how we police this offering and introduce a minimum order of each product at 6 bags per order, you can order more of any one item, but not less and of course as many different products, as long as it is min 6 of each.

We have standardised on the Sylvagrow range, but you can order anything from the Melcourt range. See the attached Melcourt catalogue for what is available. However products not listed on the order form can only be purchased as a complete pallet or bulk bag. If this interests anyone, please contact me via the details on the order form

Payment will be done in the normal way, but if we have to cancel all or part of your order, we will only refund that element of your order. If part of your order constitutes a full pallet and that makes the minimum 6 pallets, then that will be fulfilled and a partial refund will be paid back on the remainder of the order.

We are also opening this offer to Chipperfield and Sarratt’s societies in the hope that between us all, we can achieve the quantities required.


Click on the order form button to download and print

Order form:

If you save the form to your PC as an excel file .xls you can then use the self calculating function by entering a number in the qty required box. Save the file as a new .xls file or as a pdf and either send this as an email or print it off and post


Some users have had issues with doing the bank transfer as the account names do not match, the exact account name is :Bovingdon & Dist Hort soc garden supplies acc and this must be entered in full on your transfer

Tropical Leaves

Melcourt Industries Ltd is an independent, privately owned company. Throughout these years we have consistently focused on identifying and then meeting individual customer needs within the Landscape, Play, Grower, Garden, Builders Merchant, Equestrian and Industrial market sectors, with many products also endorsed by the RHS

We operate to strict written environmental, quality and customer service policies and are founding members of the Responsible Sourcing of Growing Media Scheme.

 Our products are manufactured from British and European forest and wood processing industry residues with new raw material sources being systematically researched, trialled and tested, using the company’s in-house research and development facilities, to produce future generations of Melcourt products.

Melcourt has adequate resources to convert its raw materials into useful, cost-effective products to meet exacting customer requirements. Our products are available nationally and internationally, in bulk, loose and pre-packed quantities, usually ex. stock.


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